Tokyo Developers Meetup 30 (2,000+ members!)


    Do you often work at home alone or at a cafe? While at home do you get distracted? While at a cafe do you end up spending a lot of money? Do you want a place where you can interact with others like you while you're working on your project? Do you want a place where you can bring your own snacks/drinks and not have to worry about paying a cafe cost?

    Well that's why I made this meetup because I answered yes to all of those questions. If you answer yes to 2 or more you should consider joining us :). The more the merrier.

    Bring your work, questions, ideas and work on them alone or ask others for help.

    Feel free to ask questions or work on your own stuff. If I'm curious I might bombard you with questions myself ;)

    This month @Axosoft will be supporting our Meetup with @GitKraken swag & other goodies! (Cake + T-shirts + Stickers + Coupons for GitKraken Pro).

    Cookpad is also providing us with a professional chef (again, yay!) who will be preparing food to keep us well fed and happy.

    See you all there!


    Here's some pictures from the event!

    9_1492922536063_DevJapan_GitKrakenPromo-010.jpg 8_1492922536063_DevJapan_GitKrakenPromo-009.jpg 7_1492922536063_DevJapan_GitKrakenPromo-008.jpg 6_1492922536062_DevJapan_GitKrakenPromo-007.jpg 5_1492922536062_DevJapan_GitKrakenPromo-006.jpg 4_1492922536062_DevJapan_GitKrakenPromo-005.jpg 3_1492922536061_DevJapan_GitKrakenPromo-004.jpg 2_1492922536061_DevJapan_GitKrakenPromo-003.jpg 1_1492922536060_DevJapan_GitKrakenPromo-002.jpg 0_1492922536059_DevJapan_GitKrakenPromo-001.jpg

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