February 17th - February 19th, 2017: Our First Hackathon: 'Harvest'­­­­ a AgriTech Hackathon (with Nikkei Inc.)



    DevJapan is holding our first ever hackathon!!!!

    We're not starting out small either as we’re working with Nikkei Inc..

    Here are the most important things to know, for those who don’t want to read a wall of text:

    • Our first hackathon will attempt to solve issues that people in agricultural industries are having.
    • Winners, among other prizes, and possible funding for their existing projects, will receive acceptance into startup accelerator programs to further improve their winning ideas from the hackathon. (Accelerator members will automatically be able to compete at a larger pitch event in May for more funding.)
    • It’s 100% free to attend and participate.
    • Teams or Individuals welcome.
    • 2.5 days of probably the most fun you will ever have in winter. (outside of snowboarding)

    The goal of this hackathon is to use agritech to provide solutions for these industries. This solutions can be either tech or business focused. That's why even we're calling it a 'hackathon' its more like half hackathon half 'ideathon'.

    So what is 'agritech' and why are we using it to solve issues?

    According to wikipedia: "Agritech is the use of technology in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture with the aim of improving yield, efficiency, and profitability."

    The issues affecting the agriculture industry, simply put, affect the world. Aging workforce, decrease in food supply, mass loss of necessary wildlife, obsolete technology, the list goes on and on. And unfortunately this list of issues without solutions could bring the downfall of mankind faster than any of us would like.

    That being said, we've been tasked with putting on an event to help solve this issues.

    Now more details will be coming over the next few weeks, but for now please be aware of the following:


    • Nikkei Inc. is our primary sponsors.

    • The hackathon will be held mid-February.

    • 4 main tracks to focus on with numerous potential issues per track.

    • 100% free, you pay for nothing.

    • Snacks and some meals will be provided over the weekend of the hackathon.

    • Speakers, mentors, and participants from all over the world.

    We will be updating this meetup event as well as others over the next few days/weeks but please keep your ear to the ground for updates.

    There will be an official registration system later so for now please consider this a placeholder.





    • 目標はアグリテックの力で農林水産業分野の問題を解決すること

    • 賞品だけじゃありません。勝者には既存プロジェクトへの投資、アクセラレーター(事業促進支援)プログラムの提供、5月に行なわれるメインイベントでの発表とさらなるファンド支援があります

    • 参加は100%完全無料

    • 個人でもチームでも、誰でも参加できます

    • 期間は2日と半日。冬に楽しむなら、これしかないですよね!(スノーボード除く)








    • メインスポンサーは日本経済新聞社と農林水産省です

    • 来年2月中旬に開催予定

    • 4つの区分があり、それぞれ様々な解決すべき問題が用意されています

    • 参加は100%無料、お金は一切かかりません

    • 期間中は食事やスナックも無償で提供します

    • 世界中からスピーカー、メンター、参加者を募ります



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