February 11th, 2017: Harvest'­­­­ a AgriTech Hackathon - Issue Workshops (with Nikkei Inc.)



    A week before hackathon/ideathon we will have a series of study sessions to make people familiar with the issues they will be attempting to solve.

    These workshops will be led by AgriTech leaders who can describe in detail the Agriculture world and it's issues. The goal will be to leave this event with a full understanding of the issues and potentially find a team if you haven't already. *don't worry there will be plenty of opportunities to find a team at the main event.

    • Detailed schedule will be posted shortly.
    • There will be food and beverages served in the middle.



    • メインイベントでもチームを作る機会は多くあります。ご心配なく。
    • 詳しいスケジュールは近日公開します 。

    • 途中で軽飲食も提供します。頑張りましょう!

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